Homelessness in D.C. The crisis, failures and solutions.

The problem of homelessness in Washington D.C.

In December 2016, a devastating survey of 32 big cities prepared by the United States Conference of Mayors showed Washington with the highest rate of homelessness. There are 124 homeless people for every 10,000 residents here, more than twice the national average. Nationally, homelessness has shrunk 12.9 percent over the last seven years.

The survey numbers were taken from the annual “Point in Time” count distributed by the Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness, a nonprofit that works with the local government. As of last January, according to the count, 8,350 people experienced homelessness: 318 on the street, 6,259 in emergency shelters and 1,773 in transitional housing. Outside of the homeless numbers, 17.3 percent of residents in the District of Columbia live in poverty, according to recent census data.

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